Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Drug-free Help for People with Seizures, Strokes, Autism, Cognition, and Neurological Problems.

Research has determined that all living tissues, whether the body’s tissues or the molecular structure of microbes, are made up of these unique molecular liquid crystalline structures (1). These living, pliable, crystalline structures are capable of creating, transmitting and receiving laser-like bio-photons (energy packets of light, generated by the tissues of the body) to communicate between tissues and molecules (2). Indeed, light is being seen as the glue that holds everything together (3).

Restoring the optimum integrity of these biophotonic transmissions through the body's crystalline matrix using NPT has facilitated the body's ability to restore strength in the muscles of stroke victims, dramatically reduce or stop various types of seizures, correct chronic ligamentous laxity, improve cognition, restore speech in a case of autism, and so much more, often in one to five treatments (4). 

The theory behind NeuroPhotonic Therapy™ is that photons of a specific frequency and wavelength would be registered as a specific color, such as red, by the classic visual mechanisms of the eye and brain, but some of the photons would travel through the body’s liquid crystalline matrix, much like light passing through fiber optic cables. 

Every tissue in the body is indeed a part of an intricate web of interconnecting liquid crystalline pathways. We can send the photons into the body and use a monitoring system I developed called BioResonance Scanning (BRS) technique, a specialized technology I developed that appears to enable the doctor to monitor subtle frequency changes in the body, to rapidly identify any problems that the streams of photons may cause in the body (5-7). 

If the photons reach all of their correct destinations without interference, then we will not detect any abnormal frequencies. If the photons are not able to flow undisturbed throughout one’s body, we will see local and global frequency disturbances on all levels of the organism (person). A doctor cannot correct what he does not know is broken. This challenge, aggravation, correction method enables the doctor to find issues that cannot be detected using any other method of testing.

To perform NeuroPhotonic Therapy, low to high-intensity photons of varying frequencies (colored light) are shined into the eyes using specialized light therapy goggles, with the intensity set to the comfort of the patient. Each of these wavelengths of colored light will almost always set off unique aggravations in the body, wherever there is a breakdown in the body's light pathways. 

BioResonance Scanning™(BRS), along with other conventional testing, enables the rapid identification of corrective therapies, such as, Chiropractic adjustments, homeopathic sarcodes, essential oils, solfeggio acoustic tones, bioenergetic applications, and targeted low-level laser therapy frequencies, that would help realign the liquid crystalline pathways and rapidly open the congested pathway of light. 

All of these are non-invasive, non-painful, non-toxic, and virtually non-allergenic therapies. The uniqueness of them is the frequency-matched, strategic application in the realtime response to the photonic challenges. So while a person may eat many anthocyanidin-loaded foods in their diet, without their body's crystalline-matrix and biophotonic coherence being dynamically tested and restored, these efforts will provide none of the therapeutic effects of NPT.

A fascinating finding is that while many modalities are necessary to align the pathways, each correction is made with a single application, the results of which were immediately obvious physically and virtually instantaneous. The corrections seem to largely maintain themselves to the degree that the person lives a healthy life. Like all treatments, and indeed all of life, everything changes in response to the challenges in the person's internal and external environment. 

To support the movement of light through the body, we supplement with nano-particle silica and various anthocyanidins during the NPT session. Anthocyanidins are concentrated plant-based color pigments obtained from appropriately harvested and prepared fruits and vegetables. The body uses these pigments to correctly process and conduct light through the crystalline matrix (8).

It appears that the body uses light as a stimulatory nutrient. Light is the glue that holds all of the atomic particles and molecules together. The eyes are the primary photoreceptors and one of the most crystalline structures in the body, providing the most direct pathway for light to flow into the body’s organ circuits (9).

While the "theory" of the physiological aspects of NeuroPhotonic Therapy are as scientifically sound as possible, the actual clinical effect is very evident in the cases where real people were helped.

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    Saturday, January 10, 2015

    Shattered by illness! PTSD and CTSD in Lyme disease and Chronic Illness.

    When a person's life and dreams are shattered due to chronic illness it almost always sets up a Chronic Traumatic Stress Disorder (CTSD).  Much like our wounded warriors and others who have suffered through prolonged stressful events and have the predictable physical and emotional problems we know as PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, people who have been through the life devastation brought on by illnesses, such as Lyme disease, cancer, multiple chemical sensitivity, and the wide array of other degenerative illnesses also suffer predictable physical and emotional consequences of the severe trauma from the devastation of their life from their illness.

    A person with CTSD does not have to look like the woman pictured with this article. They might look perfectly calm, cool, and collected. They might indeed have no overt emotional issues associated with their CTSD, yet the stress placed upon their body by the illness and the treatments is still causing predictable functional problems from adrenal fatigue that can drag the person down for years after the illness is resolved.

    At the Hansa Center for Optimum health, our doctors have treated tens of thousands of chronically ill people. I would say that the majority of the people had received their diagnosis elsewhere and their previous doctors had just pounded their body with antibiotics, in the case of Lyme disease, and hammered their body with various prescriptions, with little thought given to supporting the rest of the body, and definitely no thought of how these medicines act as a stressor to the body, and the illness itself is a physical and emotional stressor, and life issues while sick is a stressor...all of which drag down the primary stress-regulating glands of the body...the adrenal glands.

    Just like what we are seeing with our returning wounded military soldiers, the fighting is over, the stressful war is behind them, yet their bodies and minds are ravaged by the effects of chronic stress.

    In chronic illness, so much time and energy...and spent in efforts to "kill the bugs" and to detoxify the body, chasing one symptom after another. One of the most important issues to address in people who have had prolonged infections is to rebuild and heal the tissues that have been damaged by these infections. Infections are often like having termites damaging the wood in your house. You can use toxic chemicals to kill the bugs, but even when successful, these toxic substances are now lodged in your house, and they do nothing to correct the wood damage the termites caused. Any stiff wind will damage your house are more susceptible and sensitive to challenges.

    Very often because a person had infections, such as the ones associated with Lyme disease, the person has many symptoms that have been increasing for years. The myth they were sold by their doctor and the Lyme disease community was that they would be well when every bacteria was killed. Like the termite analogy, often the assumption is that the body can heal itself after all the toxic drugs and die-off toxins. The reality is that almost every system of the body has been damaged by the illness and the treatments and killing the bugs and detoxifying the die-off are just half of the healing process for those who had the illness for years. 

    The adrenal glands are our stress-response regulating glands of the body.  The adrenal glands sit atop both kidneys like melting scoops of ice cream. They motivate the rest of the body to prepare for battle against whatever perceived attack is present. You might say they are our body's security alarm system. The adrenal glands are one of the first glands to fatigue when a person is stuck in the "Fight or flight" mode of the sympathetic nervous system.  Read more about the predictable symptoms of adrenal fatigue: Adrenal Symptoms

    Every case of CTSD and PTSD has adrenal problems that must be addressed before the person can regain the functional integrity and optimum health they seek.

    If you feel that you have internal vibration in your body, like you cannot get your hormones balanced, if you feel your are not the same even after your doctor proclaimed you "cured," if you have no energy, no motivation, no ability to deal with stressful situations, if you are suffering from sleeplessness at night and fatigue all day...ask your doctor to do a saliva cortisol and DHEA test at the least. My favorite lab for this testing is The best is to do a 24 hour saliva cortisol test where you collect four saliva samples that day, and test also the DHEA level.

    This is what your test result will look like with adrenal fatigue. The adrenal glands produce both DHEA and Cortisol. In this chart you can see that both are very low.

    This saliva test is done at home and you would mail the test kit back to the lab with the provided box and mailing label. Below is what the test results would look like for someone suffering from adrenal fatigue, due to CTSD or PTSD.

    The doctors at the Hansa Center have used this test for many years to help determine not just adrenal function, but we can add on other tests to your saliva collection that will show what is going on at the cellular level regarding all of the male and female hormones and even gluten, casein, soy, egg allergies. 

    You are your own best health advocate. If you doctor has not done this testing then ask him/her to order it for you. Your doctor cannot fix what they don't know is messed up! 


    Wednesday, January 7, 2015

    Are you being betrayed by your medications?

    Are you being betrayed by the very medication you are desperately hoping is helping you? What if you woke up one day and realized many of the symptoms you have are now being caused by the very medicine that was given to you to address those type symptoms?

    A golden rule of pharmacology is that whatever symptom a drug will will definitely also cause eventually! 

    Watch the TV commericials when at the end they list the primary "side effects" which are not really side-effects at all, but are the long-term effects of the drug... Prozac, an antidepressant, "...may cause depression, severe depression, and suicidal tendencies." Ambien, a sleep drug, "...may cause profound insomnia." If you look at the listed side-effects for any medication you can find out all the things a drug will definitely affect when you take it.

    God forbid, a person has drug-induced symptoms that match their original symptoms and then their doctor switches the medication with one that will also ultimately create it's own version of the symptoms on top of the previous medication's symptoms!

    I think many people view side-effects like Russian Roulette. They think there is the primary thing a drug does, and then there is the possibility that other unwanted things, "side-effects," may happen if you are unlucky. The reality is that the side-effects are just the effects of the drug. Yes some people's body will fight the effects better than others, but the entire body is definitely being challenged by the drug.

    Every medication whether pharmaceutical or natural has many definite actions on the body. It is the marketing people who determine what the biggest market is for the medication. This strategic marketing is seen in the natural product industry as well. A good example of this is St. John's Wort. This botanical medicine was heavily marketed for its effects as a natural anti-depressant. It is unfortunate that this wonderful herb has been pigeon-holed into being used only as an anti-depressant, since it is a fantastic anti-viral remedy and is good for nerve damage, and as positive effects on almost every system of the body. 

    My point is that in pharmaceutical and natural medicine, every medication has many actions on the body aside to the one it is being marketed for, and those actions will be very similar to the eventual symptoms that show up if you take the medicine too long. How long is too long? It could be the same day you took the medication or anytime after that day, it just depends upon your body, and life situation.

    In homeopathic research, the way to determine what a new remedy will treat in sick people is to give repeated doses to completely healthy people until the remedy induces problems. This is called "Proving the remedy." 

    The researchers will document the various symptoms that show up in the healthy individuals and the resulting list is what that remedy will treat in a sick person.  There are volumes of this type homeopathic research, filling thousands of pages in thick books called Homeopathic Materia Medica.

    So even the best selected remedies/medicines should not be taken forever. When taking a remedy or medicine there is a point where it has done what it can do to help your body. At that point you should get off the remedy (hard for the average person to know when that point is reached), otherwise you go through the cure and out the other side, and the remedy begins to cause the same symptoms it was originally addressing. 

    If your doctor tells you that you need to take a medicine and it works for you at first, but then you start having the same symptoms and even more types of symptoms, it is likely time for a new remedy/medicine! These effects can often persist decades after having stopped the medication!

    Doctors that practice using the diagnostic and treatment philosophies of Biological Medicine are trained to test medications to determine if they are useful or are actually harming your body. It is very fascinating to get tested and immediately see all of the different organs, glands, and tissues of the body that are being aggravated by a medication, and then when given the tautopathic antidote, it is wonderful to see symptoms often disappear.

    If you live outside (or inside) of the State of Kansas and are considering coming to the Hansa are not alone...over 90% of our patients come from other states and countries. Even if the top medical hospitals and top doctors have given up we can often still help...from pediatrics to geriatrics. Talk with Kara, our wonderful and compassionate Patient Care Coordinator, directly by calling (316-686-5900), or have a private live chat on our webpage ( and let us help you get here.

    Monday, January 5, 2015

    You will often remain sick unless this problem is corrected.

    I am going to show you how most of your symptoms are very predictable and how they are all connected to each other. This is a long post, however if you want to finally get well from whatever diagnosis you have been given you should read all of this post. 

    Imagine you are on a safari. It is a pitch black night outside and you are in a tent in Africa. A lion roars nearby and you are thinking about how flimsy the fabric is to keep that lion from coming in and eating you! Your sympathetic nervous system kicks into high gear! This is the "fight or flight" mode of your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). 

    Your sympathetic nervous system is a built -in, automatic (autonomic) mechanism that increases your ability to survive, by either vigorously fighting the lion, or running away to fight another day! It is very predictable what your sympathetic nervous system will do in this stressful situation with the lion. All of your senses will go on maximum alert. The pupils in your eyes will dilate widely in order to see the slightest indication of the lion. Your ears will strain, to hear the slightest noise. Your muscles will ripple and tremble with tension as huge amounts of energy have been diverted to the muscles so that you have super-human reflexes and strength! 

    In the super stimulation of the sympathetic nervous response to the roaring lion, your bladder can empty without warning, in order for you to flee or fight unimpeded by a full bladder. It is a quick thing to urinate, something you could possibly do even while running or fighting, however a bowel movement takes too long. In the time it takes to have a BM the lion could pounce and you would be defenseless! So your sympathetic nervous system causes the colon to shutdown. 

    The meal you ate sits like a brick in your stomach. The sympathetic nervous system shut down digestion, diverting the energy to the muscles. After all, what is more important, digesting or fighting and/or running away from a hungry, man-eating lion? 

    Blood rushes to the head and the heart begins to increase its energy, beating hard and fast, to get ready for the upcoming fight or flight. The adrenal glands secrete cortisol to open up the cells to receiving more blood sugar and thyroid hormones, as adrenaline supercharges the entire body. The lion roars again, closer this time. The sympathetic nervous system causes the thyroid to crank out more T3 and brings more of its reserve T4 online to be converted to T3 as needed in order to increase overall cellular receptivity to blood glucose. 

    The skin tightens and every hair stands on end like little antennae, sensing the slightest change in the breeze. Every aspect of the body is on high alert. Your body is maximally sensitive to any change in its environment. You are jumpy and vigilant for any threat. 

    The night turns to day, you dare not leave your tent, since you can still hear the lion least you think it’s still the lion...dare you stick your head out of the tent to check and see? No, it is too scary a thought, being eaten alive. So you stay in your tent, as still as possible, every sense still poised to address any sign of the lion tearing through the tent... 

    Get the picture? This story is what many of you are going through because your autonomic nervous system views the situations of prolonged stress in your life, such as chronic illness, work, or abusive people, just like the analogy of the roaring lion! 

    Now imagine what would happen if you never left the tent, or the perception of danger from infections or situations continued for months and years, and your sympathetic nervous system never relaxed? 

    All the same things we saw with the lion would be happening all the time. Your heart rate would stay too fast, and due to everything else going wrong in your body your heart might start skipping beats and palpitating. Your food never would seem to digest, and you would start seeing undigested food in your bowel movement. Your bladder would constantly feel like you need to go, so your mineral/electrolyte balance would be messed up, making your energy and brain clarity impossible to maintain. 

    Your colon would be constipated. Your muscles would be tight and painful from all the strain. You would suffer from light and sound sensitivity. You would become more sensitive to electromagnetic pollution and to other people's energy.

    Your thyroid would begin to strain under the constant work and would weaken or start to have too much T3, and Reverse T3 would start to elevate to keep you from having too much thyroid hormone stimulation. 

    There would be too much cortisol and adrenaline so your anxiety and panic would be through the roof, for what seems to be no reason. 

    The cells of the body would become insensitive to the hormones and glucose, since you are just sitting there idle in the tent of your illness not really doing anything but waiting for the lion (illness) to go away. 

    Sleep would be impossible since you are too stimulated and overwhelmed, and never feel safe. You feel a little safer during the daytime, so you sleep all day.

    The mind races thinking of all of the possibilities. Round and round your mind goes. You cannot turn it off is stuck in a biochemical loop. 

    Do you see that all of these symptoms are connected? Every system of the body is affected so there are potentially dozens of symptoms. The symptoms are just as predictable as what goes on when a lion is outside of your tent!

    Unfortunately, mainstream medicine is geared to treat the symptoms only and so they throw pharmaceutical drugs into this mess. They will give you symptom-treating drugs that unclog your constipation. Purple pill to stop the indigestion. Beta blockers for the heart. Anti-anxiety meds to calm you. Antidepressants to help with everything, since obviously you come across to them as being very depressed. Muscle relaxants are given to ease the tight, painful muscles, and tranquilizers to sedate you to sleep. You are given Synthroid to supposedly treat the low thyroid hormones. Blood sugar regulators to force the glucose out of the bloodstream. 

    Your body becomes more dysfunctional and toxic from all the drugs and disease. None of these pharmaceuticals are treating the functional causes. Almost 100% of pharmaceuticals are treating only the symptoms. Yes, your thyroid is fatigued and you are low in T3, but taking Synthroid or other thyroid hormone supplements are not treating the cause.  And yes, you likely feel better with these pharmaceuticals than without them, but their effectiveness will only be short term, since the illness, the cause, remains untreated and continues to get worse.

    As the saying goes, "The worse it gets, the worse it gets. The better it gets the better it gets." It is never, "The worse the cause of a problem gets the better it gets." Nor is it, "The better it gets the worse it gets!" If through proper treatment the dysfunctions can be nudged toward actually working better, then it gets progressively better.

    This is where 90% if not more of the chronically ill crowd is living. The lion is the illness, by whatever name. The Autonomic Nervous System is an automatic mechanism that gets triggered by stress of any type. Structural stress, biochemical stress, mental/emotional stress, and/or environmental/bioenergetic stress. 

    Any stress puts stress on every aspect of the body, mind, and spirit. One cannot pluck one strand of a spider web without vibrating the entire web. The body, mind, and spirit are an intertwined web. Break a thread and the shape of the entire web changes. 

    True healing necessarily will ALWAYS need to repair the broken threads of the Autonomic Nervous System and calm the Sympathetic nervous system before lasting health can be restored. 

    This is what Post-Traumatic Stress disorder is all about, whether the stress was from horrific war, such as with "Wounded Warriors", or the stress of profound illness and the life changes it causes. 

    People we have seen at the Hansa Center for Optimum Health, who have suffered for months and years with chronic infections, such as Lyme disease, mold/fungal infections, viral, pain syndrome, and other chronic illnesses, have PTSD, or a chronic stress disorder. They do have all of the conditions discussed in this article, even if the bacteria have been corrected through the heroic efforts of great doctors, effectively treating the infections.  

    The idea that the illness is just the microbes is misguided. It is a myth that you will be well, symptom-free, as soon as your doctor can finally figure out how to kill every single bacteria and pathological microbe. Helping the body kill the microbes through whatever method is fine, but with today's mutated, and exotic strains of bacteria, unless you can restore optimum function and integrity to the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and convince it that there is no "lion" about to eat you, your body will continue wearing itself down, making you vulnerable to more infections and more dysfunction.

    Nothing in my experience can more effectively repair the ANS and calm the sympathetic nervous system than the combination of healing philosophy of American Biological Medicine as practiced at the Hansa Center. No other healing philosophy is better designed and equipped to address everything that has gone wrong in the body, mind, and spirit all at the same time. Doctors specializing in the treatment philosophies of American Biological Medicine specialize in diagnosing and treating every tissue in the human body, and every system of the body, using the most advanced applications of natural medicine. 

    The goal is to respect the wisdom of the body. To determine what the body is striving to accomplish, and work to facilitate the body's ability to accomplish what it needs in order to heal, instead of forcing the body into drug-induced illusions of health. 

    If you have to take a drug forever in order to feel somewhat normal, then it is not fixing anything. If you are treating the cause, then the cause should eventually go away and you can stop taking the medicine. The conventional doctors convinced you that no one knows the cause and therefore you should just be happy that the drugs can mask the symptoms. If your body is too messed up, if organs and glands have been surgically removed, diseased beyond repair, or otherwise destroyed, then yes, take the symptom-masking drugs, however just because your lab tests are consistently bad, or your doctor is from the top medical school, or goes to the top conferences, or follows the top protocols in conventional medicine, it doesn't mean that their drugs are the best way in the long run.  

    If it is possible to restore optimum function, to treat the whole person at the levels of cause, to treat to get every system to work harmoniously together, great health can be finally realized...the lion will often rapidly evaporate into thin air!

    It is difficult to find doctors who follow the treatment philosophies of American Biological Medicine. Of course, I feel that the doctors at the Hansa Center for Optimum Health are fantastic, and the best in the world at what we do, however in the spirit of cooperation instead of competition, you can go to these links to find more great clinics that implement various aspects of this powerful way of healing: and International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine

    If you live outside (or inside) of the State of Kansas and are considering coming to the Hansa are not alone...over 90% of our patients come from other states and countries. Even if the top medical hospitals and top doctors have given up we can often still help. Talk with Kara, our wonderful and compassionate Patient Care Coordinator, directly by calling (316-686-5900), or have a private live chat on our webpage ( and let us help you get here.


    Tuesday, December 23, 2014

    Being Sick for Christmas

    It is almost Christmas. Families and friends are getting together the world over to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. Getting together with friends and family holds the potential of opening up old wounds and unforgiveness from Christmas-past. 

    Resentment is a form of unforgiveness. 

    Most people reading this are sick with long standing illness. All they want for Christmas is health, and at the very least to be loved and shown compassion. Many were desperately hoping to be healthier for this Christmas so that they would not need to pretend to be feeling good so that others who may or may not understand would not get upset. The stage is set potentially for hurt feelings and renewed resentment.

    To the rest of the world, it is a season for giving. In an ideal world it is also a season of forgiving

    You cannot be your best self when you live with resentment of the illness, resentment of the detour that your life has taken, resentment of the perception that other people have undeserved health that they take for granted, resentment that you are once again stuck in bed in your room while everyone else has fun, and unforgiveness for the past offenses of the friends and family you are about to meet with this Christmas. 

    Unforgiveness and resentment is indeed like you drinking poison, yet expecting the other person to suffer! The only problem is that you are the one who is suffering, in body, mind, and spirit. The reality is you are letting that person's offense still affect might see it as if messing with your was their goal then they are still winning!

    The reality is that as much as we all would like people to act a certain way, to accept and nurture our feelings and situation, it really is not how other people need to change that determines if we are going to be stable and happy. In the same way that we know that no one can make us happy, no one can make us sad or anything else!  

    If we view our interactions with the more challenging people in our world as competition, when they are ugly or insensitive, you get to win the competition by holding your happiness regardless of what they do! Nothing thwarts a negatively person like someone who is unaffected by their ugliness.

    Not only that but if you allow, and yes there is a moment when you allow yourself to get upset, your cellular biochemistry is cranking out the biochemicals that aggravate all of your symptoms, as well as promoting a condition where the bacteria thrive and the neurotoxins turn your body into a toxic waste dump. 

    This Christmas season remember, it is not how others need to change in order for us to be happy! It is not how our illness must change in order for us to be happy this Christmas and every day. 

    Forgiveness is not a process, it is a decision. Make the decision today, and inside every moment, to be the personification of embody love...regardless of the actions and words of others, and regardless of the illness. You can be sick and be miserable, or you can be sick and love. 

    I am so sorry if you don't feel great this Christmas. Keep holding the faith that indeed this too shall pass! I am sending you a big hug and prayers for renewed health and that you be surrounded only with love and compassion! 

    Monday, December 15, 2014

    Is taking oral Vitamin D and Statins a big mistake?

    If you drive down your cholesterol inappropriately, you will totally throw your overall health in the toilet! Cholesterol is not the enemy! 

    Your body makes many of it's hormones out of cholesterol, including Vitamin D, which is not really a vitamin, but is a pro-hormone.  There are not many good naturally occurring sources of Vitamin D in the food chain. This should be our first clue that we shouldn't need to take oral Vitamin D. Our body should make it easily, so why isn't our body making it?

    To answer questions on the problems that are occurring with the conversion of cholesterol into Vitamin D, we need to understand a bit of how important light is within the body, not just the light from the sun. The photoreceptors in the eyes gate the amount of light that enters the body. These photoreceptors are called rods and cones. Sixty-five percent of the cones only gate red wavelengths of light into the body, 30% gate green, and 5% gate blue light. From these cones we perceive all the colors of our world. However, light goes beyond just vision and travels through the Mueller cells in the eyes and enters the body itself, feeding and stimulating different tissues in the body based upon the type of wavelength of light. 

    We have now come to see light as a primary nutrient, just as important or possibly more important than food. Plant-based pigments, the colors from fruits and vegetables, are known as anthocyanins. (For more on this read: These colorful pigments from the foods you eat are responsible for helping to control the biophoton switches in the DNA and also help with the movement of light through the liquid-crystalline-matrix of the body. (Every tissue of the body is known to be liquid-crystalline fibers.) 

    It is interesting to know that the body's information system is mostly biophotonic…practically fiber-optic. Neurologists know that a nerve impulse can only go 400 miles per hour at most, which is way too slow to be the operating software or the hardware that enables the instantaneous adaption and information processing that occurs each second in the body. 

    We make energy in the form of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), an Adenosine molecule with three phosphate groups attached to it. To make energy our body will break off one phosphate group, which in the process of breaking off releases one photon of light and heat. 

    So in essence your body is fueled by food, but runs off of light and heat. This biophotonic light of the body, is not just "on or off" like the light bulb in your lamp, it is coherent light that is encoded with specific information as determined by the DNA found in any given part of the body. (Fritz-Albert Popp, PhD

    We must stop thinking of the body as being just a chemical machine. The body is more like an incredibly sophisticated fiber-optic computer with quantum software. The software of the body can be corrupted through everything we put into our body. 

    Pharmaceuticals, dyes, toxic personal care products, environmental pollution like smog, herbicides, pesticides, and even inappropriately prescribed natural medicines all hold the possibility of corrupting the energetic biophotonic software that runs the body. 

    Cell phone microwaves, unshielded electric hybrid and electric cars, geo-engineering, and purposeful genetic manipulations of the population also need to be considered when discussing the onslaught of ways our software is being corrupted. 

    The "software corruption" is passed on inutero to our offspring, which is why we see family predispositions to certain illnesses. (Morphic Resonance, by Rupert Sheldrake, PhD

    To make vitamin D in the body you must start with cholesterol from your liver. The first step from Cholesterol to 7 Dehydro-cholesterol requires biophotonic light energy to add just one more bond to the second benzene ring at the bottom left of the molecule. Only then does sunlight add one more energetic bond to that same benzene ring on the 7 Dehydro-cholesterol molecule to form Vitamin D3. So we have two forms of light, biophotonic (light from the body) and light from the sun (UV) that are required in order to make Vitamin D. 

    The CPU of the body, the brain, senses that Vitamin D, which is not really a vitamin at all, but is actually pro-hormone D, is needed, and therefore keeps sending the command for more vitamin D. The body makes more cholesterol in response to the command but without the correct software it cannot be converted into the needed D. 

    So in this way we see that cholesterol will go higher as vitamin D is depleted. Remember this step is required before sunshine can do its part. This is why vitamin D will often be low even in people who get plenty of sunshine.  

    Taking oral Vitamin D, while beneficial for certain if you cannot make your own, is bypassing the problems that need to be fixed in the body. It is treating the symptom...low vitamin D, instead of treating the breakdown in your body's ability to make its own Vitamin D. It is never good to do for the body what the body should do for itself.  It is also likely that low vitamin D is a pretty good predictor that your body is low in many of it's Cholesterol-dependent hormones as seen in the chart below.

    It is interesting to me that mainstream medicine is pushing more and more to drive cholesterol lower and lower, with Statin drugs, like Lipitor, and Crestor, when 75% of your cholesterol is made from your body in order to make your hormones such as progesterone, pregnenolone, estrodiol, testosterone, aldosterone, cortisol, the pro-hormone we call Vitamin D, bile, and more! 

    Taking cholesterol lowering drugs are driving down all of your hormones that are required to be the man or woman you want to be, active, sexually alive, able to digest your food, have sustained energy, able to hand stress, able to sleep well, and wake up rested...  If you don't care about these things, then continue driving down your cholesterol. 

    They would have you believe that cholesterol is the enemy and that eating oatmeal and Special K is going to make you live longer! The inability to convert cholesterol into these hugely important substances is at the core of the most prevalent illnesses on the planet. 

    So you see correcting the body's software is of paramount importance. Stay tuned for more on this topic.  This is one reason our doctors at the Hansa Center have made so many advanced innovations to help correct the structure and function of these aspects of the body, in order to restore the biophotonic coherence in the body. Unfortunately it is not as simple as taking a pill or getting a shot, since it is a hardware problem AND a software problem. 

    Thursday, December 11, 2014

    What is wrong with taking oral Vitamin D?

    When the illness is so prevalent it becomes accepted as the new norm! When enough doctors say something enough times, it becomes widely accepted as truth, just from the sheer number of "credible" doctors parroting the same misinformation.

    One of these popular "untruths" is regarding taking oral Vitamin D3. While great benefits can definitely be achieved by taking oral Vitamin D, read on to find out why it might be a necessary thing with which to supplement your diet, but ultimately taking oral Vitamin D is not be the best way to address why you are low in Vitamin D. The next few posts will go into greater detail concerning this issue so stay posted.

    When first discovered in the 1920's Vitamin D was touted as, "The greatest discovery of all time in medicine." Rickets was a huge problem worldwide and Vitamin D eradicated rickets in its most obvious form. Today rickets is definitely a thing of the past in the U.S., however some doctors believe the underlying problems in the body that led up to rickets, which supplemental Vit. D allows one to bypass, remain in the form of sub-clinical rickets. 

    I was shocked to read once in a New York Times article that said, "Infants who are breastfed only may develop vitamin D deficiency." Again, the author and apparently the scientists/doctors who fed him this information don't see that the problem is not that healthy women's breast milk is deficient, but that when the mother has the problem converting cholesterol ultimately into D, then her breast milk will be deficient, unless she supplements her diet with Vit. D3. 

    Taking supplemental Vit. D3 bypasses five biochemical steps that occur in the body's manufacturing of its own D. These steps require biophotons (specific type of coherent light generated by the body's tissues) to convert cholesterol to 7-DehydroCholesterol and this then requires UV-B light from sunshine in order to change it into Cholecalciferol. 

    So you see there is a biophoton process that occurs within the body that has nothing to do with getting enough sunshine that is where the major problem is arising that blocks the ability of the body to produce its own D. This light metabolism problem is compounded by the strategic and misguided drive by mainstream medicine to drive down cholesterol levels. 

    I have worked for years perfecting ways to facilitate the restoration of proper light-communication and light metabolism in the body. I view the various wavelengths of light as primary nutrients for the body. 

    The impaired movement of light through the crystalline-matrix of the body, as well as the impairment of the production of light within the body, are at the core of the many diseases associated with low Vitamin D. 

    How important is correcting this light metabolism problem inside the body? It directly or indirectly causes all of the illnesses that Vitamin D3 is said to correct: Cancer, Hypertension, Heart disease, Autism, Obesity Rheumatoid arthritis, Diabetes 1 and 2, Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn"s disease, Flu, Colds, Tuberculosis, Septicemia, Aging, Psoriasis, Eczema, Insomnia, Hearing loss, Muscle pain, Cavities, Periodontal disease, Macular degeneration, Myopia, Pre-eclampsia, Seizures, Fertility, Asthma, Cystic fibrosis, Migraines, Depression, Alzheimer’s disease, Schizophrenia, and many more illnesses. 

    If you are suffering from one or more of these illnesses then you likely have a breakdown in your conversion of cholesterol into D. The inner light metabolism problems are not something that you can just take a pill to correct. It requires the skillful application of restorative treatments and therapies all working to increase overall coherence in the body...something often complicated by the fact that there is usually already some chronic disease process that actually brought the person in for treatment. 

    It can take months to years to fully repair the many problems caused by the disturbances that led up to these problems. The potential benefits to really correcting the problem are profound. So, until you 
    can have the help of a trained doctor to optimize your body to produce its own D, it appears that you must take the oral supplements.

    Tuesday, December 9, 2014

    What control do you have over your health?

    If you lined it up end to end, the average person has 744 million miles of DNA in their body! That is enough to reach to Jupiter and back!

    As everyone knows, DNA contain our "genetic blueprint." You need a blueprint to build the structure of the cell in the correct location. However, once the cell has been made, the DNA is not what controls the function of that cell. 

    It turns out, if you take the DNA out of a cell, the cell continues to function perfectly. Epigenetics is what actually controls the cell's function on a moment by moment basis. Epigenetics is the organizing principle that functions more like a holographic (biophotonic) principle radiating out from the heart through laser-like emissions of information containing light (biophotons). (Energy Medicine; the Scientific Basis, Oschman) 

    It is our thoughts and perceptions of our life and the world around us that dynamically shift this holographic software that is being transmitted from our heart and radiated out to all that DNA in our body. It is the epigenetic holographic software that enables your body to adapt to changes in your moods, and environment virtually instantaneously. 

    It is fascinating that science is just now verifying what the Bible always said, "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he." (Proverbs 23:7) and the Bible also tells us, "Above all else, guard your heart with all diligence, for it determines the course of your life." (Proverbs 4:23)  Now we can understand the "why" behind the directive.

    We have all seen holograms, those fascinating ghost-like, transparent, 3D images of objects or people. Many scientists believe we have a holographic blueprint that controls the actual function of each cell and coordinates the entire body, much like a holographic software program. 

    Remember, the DNA controls the building of the correct structure, so if there is a mutation in the DNA, then the blueprint will continue to cause dysfunctional cells. So even if the epigenetic, holographic software is working correctly, the dysfunctional cells will still cause problems, such as the Methylation and Detoxification problems seen in genetic SNP problems, such as MTHFR, and others.

    From this we see that a person can have problems in both the genes of the DNA and the epigenetic aspects of the DNA. In computer terminology one is a hardware problem and the other is a software problem. 

    The epigenetic hologram can be seen radiating around an unfertilized egg and is in the shape of the adult. If one looks at an acorn, the epigenetic hologram is that of the adult oak tree. (Morphic Resonance, Rupert Sheldrake)

    Our epigenetic hologram changes in response to our environment, our thoughts and emotions, and to damage to our body. Unlike humans, the epigenetic hologram of a salamander remains intact whenever it is damaged. So you can cut off the leg of a salamander and because the hologram that enables the rebuilding of the leg is still there, the leg will grow back. You can cut out an eyeball, 1/3 of the brain, and literally cut out half the heart of a salamander and it will just grow back perfectly without a scar...within eight hours! (Body Electric, Robert Becker)

    Regenerative medicine has been a passion of mine for over 12 years. Ideally, regenerative medicine strives to achieve pristine, optimum health of the entire person, body, mind, and spirit. This is called "Coherence". Restoring true coherence must be the goal, whether one is dealing with Lyme disease, cancer, or simply striving to reach one's highest degree of health as a human.

    The idea that one can simply inject stem cells into the body and they will dutifully go and build you a new liver or fix whatever you want, is largely a gamble. If the DNA blueprint is messed up, due to mutations, then the stem cells will build you the best structure with the same problems, because the blueprint AND the epigenetic holographic software problems are still not being addressed.  

    I believe that what often happens is that a person's believing in the stem cell's regenerative powers shifts that person's epigenetic software enough to enable the stem cells to work their wondrous regeneration when and only when the DNA blueprint is not the ultimate source of the problems in the body.

    So in the last three articles I have posted here one can see how illness is not going to be healed by only fixing the mutations on SNPs in your genetic blueprint, nor by simply shifting the epigenetic software. Healing requires that every issue that can be named as a problem, to be addressed (diagnosed and treated), whether the problem is from inside or outside of the body.

    Sunday, December 7, 2014

    What must you do to achieve pristine health?

    In the 1800's Dr. Constantine Hering developed the "Laws of Cure" that are still taught and believed to be true in conventional medical schools, and all other health care training. Hering's Laws of Cure state that in healing will follow a predictable pattern.  This pattern is obviously not possible by simply treating the symptoms.

    Dr. Hering's laws state:
    1) A person heals from the top down and inside out, from the head towards the feet.
    2) In reverse order of the occurrence of symptoms, meaning the latest symptom will disappear first while the first symptom will resolve lastly.
    3) Healing occurs from the most important organ to the least important organ, ie. generally from the heart to the skin which is the most important and most superficial organ.
    4) Symptoms improve from the center of the body to the periphery (hands and feet). 

    The only exception to these laws of cure are high-level, instantaneous energetic forms of spontaneous healing. These energetic forms of healing are great, but if you have a knife stuck in your leg then you will need physical medicine. This just so energetic gurus don't think too highly of themselves. There is a place and correct tool for every situation in the quest for pristine health.

    But what is needed in order to achieve a complete restoration of health...cure? How can the body's hardware, it's physicality, and everything else down to the body's software, the bio-energetic computer system, undergo a complete restoration and systems reboot? 

    To answer this we must consider what the doctor is up against in general to truly completely restore pristine health. The pristine health I am talking about is something that no person in recorded history has ever experienced. 

    If everything that is within and about the human body is interconnected and interdependent, which it is, then literally the entire body, mind, spirit, and energetic fields must be addressed in the most comprehensive and eloquent manner.  

    All it takes is one system to crash in order for an eventual and inevitable total systems crash. 

    The harsh reality is that each new generation of humans is progressively being born with more systems and subsystems already malfunctioning. Each generation acquires more bio-software glitches that are passed on to the next generation, who pass even more corrupted hardware and software to the each subsequent generation.

    So if we are to achieve the goal of pristine health, the health that is the most optimum we can achieve, we must be able to diagnose and treat every system of the body, from the most physical to the most energetic. 

    Over the years, I have come up with my own definition of this pristine or optimum health. Optimum health is that point where the body, mind, and spirit can adapt instantly and correctly to any challenge from its internal and external environment, without losing optimum structure, function, and overall coherence.  

    This level of pristine or optimum health is what the doctors and staff at the Hansa Center for Optimum Health strive to help people achieve. We do not just do the a "cookie-cutter," or standard combination of "pieces and parts" type treatments, such as when doctors say, "Lets treat your adrenals, bacteria, and toxins, and then after a few months we will see where how you do." This pieces and parts type doctoring may help you feel better, but it is not global enough to shift a person to truly pristine health. 

    In my next post you will see why we are working on a person for about 50 hours in their first two weeks at the Hansa Center. The initial two weeks is just the starting point, since multi-generational problems cannot be turned around in just two weeks. 

    We continue to innovate deeper, more profound ways to get longer lasting, and more complete restoration. We strive to facilitate the repair and rebooting of every system. From there dis-ease falls away. Pristine health is indeed a worthy goal. The quest for pristine health involves every choice we make in life. Pristine health is not just what we eat, or how much we exercise, it is how we successfully relate to our world.

    Philosophers from every age have made us painfully aware that trials and tribulations are always going to be a part of human existence. It is how fit we are to face those trials and tribulations that matters. If life is a race, a proverbial obstacle course, then those who are most fit, those with pristine health on all levels will be better prepared to navigate through the challenges that face us all.


    Thursday, December 4, 2014

    You may not be stuck with your genetic mutations (MTHFR, CBS, NOS...)

    Okay, you have done the DNA tests and found out you have mutations on many different SNPs, such as MTHFR, CBS, and several others. You are freaking out that you are permanently sick now...but are you really? Are you really stuck with the genetic mutations that you have inherited or have acquired in your lifetime from microbial interference, radiation, and toxins from your environment?

    There is much disagreement among clinical doctors who are in practice, and bench scientists who like to represent that genetic problems such as MTHFR and CBS are unchangeable conditions. Finally there is research from the bench scientists that seems to support the idea that you may not be stuck with the illness from these mutations!

    Clinical doctors, such as those at the Hansa Center for Optimum Health, are using this newly released science in new ways and often see dramatic improvements in people who according to bench science and mainstream medicine say should never improve due to genetic mutations.

    While happy patients does not qualify as scientific fact, there may be an explanation for these improvements found in our doctor's utilization of the latest knowledge of how genes can be turned on and off, and even repaired, by treatments that seek to restore the body's regulation of the 4 million gene switches that were identified by scientists in what is called the ENCODE Project. 

    Okay stay with me and read to the end of the article. If may seem a little technical, but push through, because the more you know, the better you can understand what is possible.

    —Pamela Scherer McLeod, writing for "Clinical Laboratory and Pathology News and Trends" states, "The big news is that researchers participating in the ENCODE Project have identified up to 4 million critical “gene switches.” The switches reside on the 80% of human DNA that has long been considered “junk.” (emphasis added) 

    "On September 5, 2013, prestigious scientific journals published a coordinated set of multiple papers and reviews announcing the discoveries, according to a National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) press release. Almost 40 papers associated with the ENCODE research appeared in print, almost simultaneously. That unusual event is, in itself, a sign of the importance of these new scientific findings.

    The published papers included one main integrative paper, plus five related papers in the journal Nature. The journal, Genome Research published 18 papers. The journal, Genome Biology published 6. Additionally, six review articles are being published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, as well as two related papers in Science and one in the scientific journal Cell.

    The findings are the outcome of a mammoth federal research project called ENCODE, an acronym of the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements. NHGRI, part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), launched the project in 2003. The concerted effort involved 440 scientists from 32 laboratories around the world.

    The ENCODE findings surprised researchers in two ways. First, they were surprised to find that at least 80% of the DNA is in fact active and needed. Second, they did not expect that a large proportion of this “junk” DNA is gene switches. “[Before ENCODE,] if you had said half of the genome—and probably more—has instructions for turning genes on and off, I don’t think people would have believed you,” observed John Stamatoyannopoulos, M.D., Associate Professor of Genome Sciences and Medicine at the University of Washington, in a story published in The New York Times. Stamatoyannopoulos participated in the ENCODE project.

    The scientific community already considers the ENCODE discoveries a major medical and scientific breakthrough with enormous implications, the Times reported. The data showed that many complex diseases appear to be caused by minute changes in hundreds of gene switches. 

    “Most of the changes that affect disease don’t lie in the genes themselves,” explained Michael Snyder, Ph. D., Professor and Chair of Genetics at Stanford University, in the Times story. “[T]hey lie in the switches.” Snyder is Director of the Stanford Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine and worked on the ENCODE project." (emphasis added)

    Once again, happy, apparently healthy patients, who had chronic problems from gene expression problems and gene mutations do not qualify as true scientific proof that gene expression has changed. The only valid proof is to repeat the set of genetic tests post-treatment and see the problems no longer present. 

    Of course, no doctor normally would ever repeat a genetic test since the now outdated knowledge has been so deeply ingrained with the idea that your genetic mutations are permanent. Now possibly, once you have been treated and seem to have sustained improvement, it might be worth doing a followup DNA test to see if the mutations have changed!

    The doctors at the Hansa Center are presently working with genetic laboratories to determine if the treatments can be documented scientifically through treatment and repeat analysis of the classical genetic testing methods. The idea is to affect the structure and function of the body's SNPs by targeting know mutations, such as MTHFR, through bioenergetically modifying the signals being transmitted biophotonically from the heart to these genetic switches. Some doctors will say, "All you have to do is treat the whole person, think nice thoughts, take this or that protocol of supplements, just do their version of energy medicine or machine." I guarantee you, none of these holistic approaches have resulted in one change to the actual SNP mutations. Others will say, I am only treating the SNPs and missing the whole person. Hear me now...if a mutation is to be repaired at all it will require a new and fundamental shift in how the entire person is treated.

    No one knows yet how long this takes to get the switches to flip, or exactly how to affect the structure and function of the body in a consistent way, since everyone comes with their own unique "software" and their own and family history of traumas, and illness.

    The only way to effect the whole of the body is to treat with the idea of correcting everything we can find that has gone wrong from head to toe, from the inside out, and the outside in. That is why our doctors are working fast and furious for at least an hour everyday for two weeks to address and facilitate the restoration of the most optimum structure and function of every possible problem we can find.

    What is clear is that if we can document and reproduce ways to flip the right gene switches, the lights will turn on and health will follow, which is good news to all of those people who thought they were just stuck with their condition.

    There is hope!

    *Note: I recommend the Nutrigenomic Methylation Pathway Analysis to test for mutations in your metabolic and detox pathways. (The following link is the test I recommend: The results of this report will come with more detailed health information with your DNA test than the 23&me test.

    The Hansa Center for Optimum Health specializes in the healing philosophy of Biological Medicine to help people with any previously non-responsive, chronic illness. Over 90% of our patients come from other states and countries. If you have done everything you and your doctors know to do and are still struggling please call and talk with Kara, our wonderful and compassionate Patient Care Coordinator, directly by calling 316-686-5900 ext.1, or have a private live chat on our webpage, or you can email her at