Monday, December 15, 2014

Is taking oral Vitamin D and Statins a big mistake?

If you drive down your cholesterol inappropriately, you will totally throw your overall health in the toilet! Cholesterol is not the enemy! 

Your body makes many of it's hormones out of cholesterol, including Vitamin D, which is not really a vitamin, but is a pro-hormone.  There are not many good naturally occurring sources of Vitamin D in the food chain. This should be our first clue that we shouldn't need to take oral Vitamin D. Our body should make it easily, so why isn't our body making it?

To answer questions on the problems that are occurring with the conversion of cholesterol into Vitamin D, we need to understand a bit of how important light is within the body, not just the light from the sun. The photoreceptors in the eyes gate the amount of light that enters the body. These photoreceptors are called rods and cones. Sixty-five percent of the cones only gate red wavelengths of light into the body, 30% gate green, and 5% gate blue light. From these cones we perceive all the colors of our world. However, light goes beyond just vision and travels through the Mueller cells in the eyes and enters the body itself, feeding and stimulating different tissues in the body based upon the type of wavelength of light. 

We have now come to see light as a primary nutrient, just as important or possibly more important than food. Plant-based pigments, the colors from fruits and vegetables, are known as anthocyanins. (For more on this read: These colorful pigments from the foods you eat are responsible for helping to control the biophoton switches in the DNA and also help with the movement of light through the liquid-crystalline-matrix of the body. (Every tissue of the body is known to be liquid-crystalline fibers.) 

It is interesting to know that the body's information system is mostly biophotonic…practically fiber-optic. Neurologists know that a nerve impulse can only go 400 miles per hour at most, which is way too slow to be the operating software or the hardware that enables the instantaneous adaption and information processing that occurs each second in the body. 

We make energy in the form of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), an Adenosine molecule with three phosphate groups attached to it. To make energy our body will break off one phosphate group, which in the process of breaking off releases one photon of light and heat. 

So in essence your body is fueled by food, but runs off of light and heat. This biophotonic light of the body, is not just "on or off" like the light bulb in your lamp, it is coherent light that is encoded with specific information as determined by the DNA found in any given part of the body. (Fritz-Albert Popp, PhD

We must stop thinking of the body as being just a chemical machine. The body is more like an incredibly sophisticated fiber-optic computer with quantum software. The software of the body can be corrupted through everything we put into our body. 

Pharmaceuticals, dyes, toxic personal care products, environmental pollution like smog, herbicides, pesticides, and even inappropriately prescribed natural medicines all hold the possibility of corrupting the energetic biophotonic software that runs the body. 

Cell phone microwaves, unshielded electric hybrid and electric cars, geo-engineering, and purposeful genetic manipulations of the population also need to be considered when discussing the onslaught of ways our software is being corrupted. 

The "software corruption" is passed on inutero to our offspring, which is why we see family predispositions to certain illnesses. (Morphic Resonance, by Rupert Sheldrake, PhD

To make vitamin D in the body you must start with cholesterol from your liver. The first step from Cholesterol to 7 Dehydro-cholesterol requires biophotonic light energy to add just one more bond to the second benzene ring at the bottom left of the molecule. Only then does sunlight add one more energetic bond to that same benzene ring on the 7 Dehydro-cholesterol molecule to form Vitamin D3. So we have two forms of light, biophotonic (light from the body) and light from the sun (UV) that are required in order to make Vitamin D. 

The CPU of the body, the brain, senses that Vitamin D, which is not really a vitamin at all, but is actually pro-hormone D, is needed, and therefore keeps sending the command for more vitamin D. The body makes more cholesterol in response to the command but without the correct software it cannot be converted into the needed D. 

So in this way we see that cholesterol will go higher as vitamin D is depleted. Remember this step is required before sunshine can do its part. This is why vitamin D will often be low even in people who get plenty of sunshine.  

Taking oral Vitamin D, while beneficial for certain if you cannot make your own, is bypassing the problems that need to be fixed in the body. It is treating the symptom...low vitamin D, instead of treating the breakdown in your body's ability to make its own Vitamin D. It is never good to do for the body what the body should do for itself.  It is also likely that low vitamin D is a pretty good predictor that your body is low in many of it's Cholesterol-dependent hormones as seen in the chart below.

It is interesting to me that mainstream medicine is pushing more and more to drive cholesterol lower and lower, with Statin drugs, like Lipitor, and Crestor, when 75% of your cholesterol is made from your body in order to make your hormones such as progesterone, pregnenolone, estrodiol, testosterone, aldosterone, cortisol, the pro-hormone we call Vitamin D, bile, and more! 

Taking cholesterol lowering drugs are driving down all of your hormones that are required to be the man or woman you want to be, active, sexually alive, able to digest your food, have sustained energy, able to hand stress, able to sleep well, and wake up rested...  If you don't care about these things, then continue driving down your cholesterol. 

They would have you believe that cholesterol is the enemy and that eating oatmeal and Special K is going to make you live longer! The inability to convert cholesterol into these hugely important substances is at the core of the most prevalent illnesses on the planet. 

So you see correcting the body's software is of paramount importance. Stay tuned for more on this topic.  This is one reason our doctors at the Hansa Center have made so many advanced innovations to help correct the structure and function of these aspects of the body, in order to restore the biophotonic coherence in the body. Unfortunately it is not as simple as taking a pill or getting a shot, since it is a hardware problem AND a software problem. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

What is wrong with taking oral Vitamin D?

When the illness is so prevalent it becomes accepted as the new norm! When enough doctors say something enough times, it becomes widely accepted as truth, just from the sheer number of "credible" doctors parroting the same misinformation.

One of these popular "untruths" is regarding taking oral Vitamin D3. While great benefits can definitely be achieved by taking oral Vitamin D, read on to find out why it might be a necessary thing with which to supplement your diet, but ultimately taking oral Vitamin D is not be the best way to address why you are low in Vitamin D. The next few posts will go into greater detail concerning this issue so stay posted.

When first discovered in the 1920's Vitamin D was touted as, "The greatest discovery of all time in medicine." Rickets was a huge problem worldwide and Vitamin D eradicated rickets in its most obvious form. Today rickets is definitely a thing of the past in the U.S., however some doctors believe the underlying problems in the body that led up to rickets, which supplemental Vit. D allows one to bypass, remain in the form of sub-clinical rickets. 

I was shocked to read once in a New York Times article that said, "Infants who are breastfed only may develop vitamin D deficiency." Again, the author and apparently the scientists/doctors who fed him this information don't see that the problem is not that healthy women's breast milk is deficient, but that when the mother has the problem converting cholesterol ultimately into D, then her breast milk will be deficient, unless she supplements her diet with Vit. D3. 

Taking supplemental Vit. D3 bypasses five biochemical steps that occur in the body's manufacturing of its own D. These steps require biophotons (specific type of coherent light generated by the body's tissues) to convert cholesterol to 7-DehydroCholesterol and this then requires UV-B light from sunshine in order to change it into Cholecalciferol. 

So you see there is a biophoton process that occurs within the body that has nothing to do with getting enough sunshine that is where the major problem is arising that blocks the ability of the body to produce its own D. This light metabolism problem is compounded by the strategic and misguided drive by mainstream medicine to drive down cholesterol levels. 

I have worked for years perfecting ways to facilitate the restoration of proper light-communication and light metabolism in the body. I view the various wavelengths of light as primary nutrients for the body. 

The impaired movement of light through the crystalline-matrix of the body, as well as the impairment of the production of light within the body, are at the core of the many diseases associated with low Vitamin D. 

How important is correcting this light metabolism problem inside the body? It directly or indirectly causes all of the illnesses that Vitamin D3 is said to correct: Cancer, Hypertension, Heart disease, Autism, Obesity Rheumatoid arthritis, Diabetes 1 and 2, Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn"s disease, Flu, Colds, Tuberculosis, Septicemia, Aging, Psoriasis, Eczema, Insomnia, Hearing loss, Muscle pain, Cavities, Periodontal disease, Macular degeneration, Myopia, Pre-eclampsia, Seizures, Fertility, Asthma, Cystic fibrosis, Migraines, Depression, Alzheimer’s disease, Schizophrenia, and many more illnesses. 

If you are suffering from one or more of these illnesses then you likely have a breakdown in your conversion of cholesterol into D. The inner light metabolism problems are not something that you can just take a pill to correct. It requires the skillful application of restorative treatments and therapies all working to increase overall coherence in the body...something often complicated by the fact that there is usually already some chronic disease process that actually brought the person in for treatment. 

It can take months to years to fully repair the many problems caused by the disturbances that led up to these problems. The potential benefits to really correcting the problem are profound. So, until you 
can have the help of a trained doctor to optimize your body to produce its own D, it appears that you must take the oral supplements.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What control do you have over your health?

If you lined it up end to end, the average person has 744 million miles of DNA in their body! That is enough to reach to Jupiter and back!

As everyone knows, DNA contain our "genetic blueprint." You need a blueprint to build the structure of the cell in the correct location. However, once the cell has been made, the DNA is not what controls the function of that cell. 

It turns out, if you take the DNA out of a cell, the cell continues to function perfectly. Epigenetics is what actually controls the cell's function on a moment by moment basis. Epigenetics is the organizing principle that functions more like a holographic (biophotonic) principle radiating out from the heart through laser-like emissions of information containing light (biophotons). (Energy Medicine; the Scientific Basis, Oschman) 

It is our thoughts and perceptions of our life and the world around us that dynamically shift this holographic software that is being transmitted from our heart and radiated out to all that DNA in our body. It is the epigenetic holographic software that enables your body to adapt to changes in your moods, and environment virtually instantaneously. 

It is fascinating that science is just now verifying what the Bible always said, "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he." (Proverbs 23:7) and the Bible also tells us, "Above all else, guard your heart with all diligence, for it determines the course of your life." (Proverbs 4:23)  Now we can understand the "why" behind the directive.

We have all seen holograms, those fascinating ghost-like, transparent, 3D images of objects or people. Many scientists believe we have a holographic blueprint that controls the actual function of each cell and coordinates the entire body, much like a holographic software program. 

Remember, the DNA controls the building of the correct structure, so if there is a mutation in the DNA, then the blueprint will continue to cause dysfunctional cells. So even if the epigenetic, holographic software is working correctly, the dysfunctional cells will still cause problems, such as the Methylation and Detoxification problems seen in genetic SNP problems, such as MTHFR, and others.

From this we see that a person can have problems in both the genes of the DNA and the epigenetic aspects of the DNA. In computer terminology one is a hardware problem and the other is a software problem. 

The epigenetic hologram can be seen radiating around an unfertilized egg and is in the shape of the adult. If one looks at an acorn, the epigenetic hologram is that of the adult oak tree. (Morphic Resonance, Rupert Sheldrake)

Our epigenetic hologram changes in response to our environment, our thoughts and emotions, and to damage to our body. Unlike humans, the epigenetic hologram of a salamander remains intact whenever it is damaged. So you can cut off the leg of a salamander and because the hologram that enables the rebuilding of the leg is still there, the leg will grow back. You can cut out an eyeball, 1/3 of the brain, and literally cut out half the heart of a salamander and it will just grow back perfectly without a scar...within eight hours! (Body Electric, Robert Becker)

Regenerative medicine has been a passion of mine for over 12 years. Ideally, regenerative medicine strives to achieve pristine, optimum health of the entire person, body, mind, and spirit. This is called "Coherence". Restoring true coherence must be the goal, whether one is dealing with Lyme disease, cancer, or simply striving to reach one's highest degree of health as a human.

The idea that one can simply inject stem cells into the body and they will dutifully go and build you a new liver or fix whatever you want, is largely a gamble. If the DNA blueprint is messed up, due to mutations, then the stem cells will build you the best structure with the same problems, because the blueprint AND the epigenetic holographic software problems are still not being addressed.  

I believe that what often happens is that a person's believing in the stem cell's regenerative powers shifts that person's epigenetic software enough to enable the stem cells to work their wondrous regeneration when and only when the DNA blueprint is not the ultimate source of the problems in the body.

So in the last three articles I have posted here one can see how illness is not going to be healed by only fixing the mutations on SNPs in your genetic blueprint, nor by simply shifting the epigenetic software. Healing requires that every issue that can be named as a problem, to be addressed (diagnosed and treated), whether the problem is from inside or outside of the body.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

What must you do to achieve pristine health?

In the 1800's Dr. Constantine Hering developed the "Laws of Cure" that are still taught and believed to be true in conventional medical schools, and all other health care training. Hering's Laws of Cure state that in healing will follow a predictable pattern.  This pattern is obviously not possible by simply treating the symptoms.

Dr. Hering's laws state:
1) A person heals from the top down and inside out, from the head towards the feet.
2) In reverse order of the occurrence of symptoms, meaning the latest symptom will disappear first while the first symptom will resolve lastly.
3) Healing occurs from the most important organ to the least important organ, ie. generally from the heart to the skin which is the most important and most superficial organ.
4) Symptoms improve from the center of the body to the periphery (hands and feet). 

The only exception to these laws of cure are high-level, instantaneous energetic forms of spontaneous healing. These energetic forms of healing are great, but if you have a knife stuck in your leg then you will need physical medicine. This just so energetic gurus don't think too highly of themselves. There is a place and correct tool for every situation in the quest for pristine health.

But what is needed in order to achieve a complete restoration of health...cure? How can the body's hardware, it's physicality, and everything else down to the body's software, the bio-energetic computer system, undergo a complete restoration and systems reboot? 

To answer this we must consider what the doctor is up against in general to truly completely restore pristine health. The pristine health I am talking about is something that no person in recorded history has ever experienced. 

If everything that is within and about the human body is interconnected and interdependent, which it is, then literally the entire body, mind, spirit, and energetic fields must be addressed in the most comprehensive and eloquent manner.  

All it takes is one system to crash in order for an eventual and inevitable total systems crash. 

The harsh reality is that each new generation of humans is progressively being born with more systems and subsystems already malfunctioning. Each generation acquires more bio-software glitches that are passed on to the next generation, who pass even more corrupted hardware and software to the each subsequent generation.

So if we are to achieve the goal of pristine health, the health that is the most optimum we can achieve, we must be able to diagnose and treat every system of the body, from the most physical to the most energetic. 

Over the years, I have come up with my own definition of this pristine or optimum health. Optimum health is that point where the body, mind, and spirit can adapt instantly and correctly to any challenge from its internal and external environment, without losing optimum structure, function, and overall coherence.  

This level of pristine or optimum health is what the doctors and staff at the Hansa Center for Optimum Health strive to help people achieve. We do not just do the a "cookie-cutter," or standard combination of "pieces and parts" type treatments, such as when doctors say, "Lets treat your adrenals, bacteria, and toxins, and then after a few months we will see where how you do." This pieces and parts type doctoring may help you feel better, but it is not global enough to shift a person to truly pristine health. 

In my next post you will see why we are working on a person for about 50 hours in their first two weeks at the Hansa Center. The initial two weeks is just the starting point, since multi-generational problems cannot be turned around in just two weeks. 

We continue to innovate deeper, more profound ways to get longer lasting, and more complete restoration. We strive to facilitate the repair and rebooting of every system. From there dis-ease falls away. Pristine health is indeed a worthy goal. The quest for pristine health involves every choice we make in life. Pristine health is not just what we eat, or how much we exercise, it is how we successfully relate to our world.

Philosophers from every age have made us painfully aware that trials and tribulations are always going to be a part of human existence. It is how fit we are to face those trials and tribulations that matters. If life is a race, a proverbial obstacle course, then those who are most fit, those with pristine health on all levels will be better prepared to navigate through the challenges that face us all.


Thursday, December 4, 2014

You may not be stuck with your genetic mutations (MTHFR, CBS, NOS...)

Okay, you have done the DNA tests and found out you have mutations on many different SNPs, such as MTHFR, CBS, and several others. You are freaking out that you are permanently sick now...but are you really? Are you really stuck with the genetic mutations that you have inherited or have acquired in your lifetime from microbial interference, radiation, and toxins from your environment?

There is much disagreement among clinical doctors who are in practice, and bench scientists who like to represent that genetic problems such as MTHFR and CBS are unchangeable conditions. Finally there is research from the bench scientists that seems to support the idea that you may not be stuck with the illness from these mutations!

Clinical doctors, such as those at the Hansa Center for Optimum Health, are using this newly released science in new ways and often see dramatic improvements in people who according to bench science and mainstream medicine say should never improve due to genetic mutations.

While happy patients does not qualify as scientific fact, there may be an explanation for these improvements found in our doctor's utilization of the latest knowledge of how genes can be turned on and off, and even repaired, by treatments that seek to restore the body's regulation of the 4 million gene switches that were identified by scientists in what is called the ENCODE Project. 

Okay stay with me and read to the end of the article. If may seem a little technical, but push through, because the more you know, the better you can understand what is possible.

—Pamela Scherer McLeod, writing for "Clinical Laboratory and Pathology News and Trends" states, "The big news is that researchers participating in the ENCODE Project have identified up to 4 million critical “gene switches.” The switches reside on the 80% of human DNA that has long been considered “junk.” (emphasis added) 

"On September 5, 2013, prestigious scientific journals published a coordinated set of multiple papers and reviews announcing the discoveries, according to a National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) press release. Almost 40 papers associated with the ENCODE research appeared in print, almost simultaneously. That unusual event is, in itself, a sign of the importance of these new scientific findings.

The published papers included one main integrative paper, plus five related papers in the journal Nature. The journal, Genome Research published 18 papers. The journal, Genome Biology published 6. Additionally, six review articles are being published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, as well as two related papers in Science and one in the scientific journal Cell.

The findings are the outcome of a mammoth federal research project called ENCODE, an acronym of the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements. NHGRI, part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), launched the project in 2003. The concerted effort involved 440 scientists from 32 laboratories around the world.

The ENCODE findings surprised researchers in two ways. First, they were surprised to find that at least 80% of the DNA is in fact active and needed. Second, they did not expect that a large proportion of this “junk” DNA is gene switches. “[Before ENCODE,] if you had said half of the genome—and probably more—has instructions for turning genes on and off, I don’t think people would have believed you,” observed John Stamatoyannopoulos, M.D., Associate Professor of Genome Sciences and Medicine at the University of Washington, in a story published in The New York Times. Stamatoyannopoulos participated in the ENCODE project.

The scientific community already considers the ENCODE discoveries a major medical and scientific breakthrough with enormous implications, the Times reported. The data showed that many complex diseases appear to be caused by minute changes in hundreds of gene switches. 

“Most of the changes that affect disease don’t lie in the genes themselves,” explained Michael Snyder, Ph. D., Professor and Chair of Genetics at Stanford University, in the Times story. “[T]hey lie in the switches.” Snyder is Director of the Stanford Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine and worked on the ENCODE project." (emphasis added)

Once again, happy, apparently healthy patients, who had chronic problems from gene expression problems and gene mutations do not qualify as true scientific proof that gene expression has changed. The only valid proof is to repeat the set of genetic tests post-treatment and see the problems no longer present. 

Of course, no doctor normally would ever repeat a genetic test since the now outdated knowledge has been so deeply ingrained with the idea that your genetic mutations are permanent. Now possibly, once you have been treated and seem to have sustained improvement, it might be worth doing a followup DNA test to see if the mutations have changed!

The doctors at the Hansa Center are presently working with genetic laboratories to determine if the treatments can be documented scientifically through treatment and repeat analysis of the classical genetic testing methods. The idea is to affect the structure and function of the body's SNPs by targeting know mutations, such as MTHFR, through bioenergetically modifying the signals being transmitted biophotonically from the heart to these genetic switches. Some doctors will say, "All you have to do is treat the whole person, think nice thoughts, take this or that protocol of supplements, just do their version of energy medicine or machine." I guarantee you, none of these holistic approaches have resulted in one change to the actual SNP mutations. Others will say, I am only treating the SNPs and missing the whole person. Hear me now...if a mutation is to be repaired at all it will require a new and fundamental shift in how the entire person is treated.

No one knows yet how long this takes to get the switches to flip, or exactly how to affect the structure and function of the body in a consistent way, since everyone comes with their own unique "software" and their own and family history of traumas, and illness.

The only way to effect the whole of the body is to treat with the idea of correcting everything we can find that has gone wrong from head to toe, from the inside out, and the outside in. That is why our doctors are working fast and furious for at least an hour everyday for two weeks to address and facilitate the restoration of the most optimum structure and function of every possible problem we can find.

What is clear is that if we can document and reproduce ways to flip the right gene switches, the lights will turn on and health will follow, which is good news to all of those people who thought they were just stuck with their condition.

There is hope!

*Note: I recommend the Nutrigenomic Methylation Pathway Analysis to test for mutations in your metabolic and detox pathways. (The following link is the test I recommend: The results of this report will come with more detailed health information with your DNA test than the 23&me test.

The Hansa Center for Optimum Health specializes in the healing philosophy of Biological Medicine to help people with any previously non-responsive, chronic illness. Over 90% of our patients come from other states and countries. If you have done everything you and your doctors know to do and are still struggling please call and talk with Kara, our wonderful and compassionate Patient Care Coordinator, directly by calling 316-686-5900 ext.1, or have a private live chat on our webpage, or you can email her at

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Vitamins make you feel sicker? You might have Methylation problems (MTHFR...)

If you feel sicker when you take all the right vitamins, you may have genetic mutations that have been activated by your illness!

Gene mutations are where a good gene in your DNA was altered (mutated) by microbial or environmental toxins. Mutations in genes can either have no effect, alter the product of a gene, or prevent the gene from functioning properly or completely.

"Due to the damaging effects that mutations can have on genes, organisms have mechanisms such as DNA repair to prevent or correct (revert the mutated sequence back to its original state) mutations." (Bertram J (2000). "The molecular biology of cancer". Mol. Aspects Med. 21 (6): 167–223.)

There is a huge movement in the chronic illness arena revolving around finding and taking fistfuls of supplements to address the 40 different types of gene mutations, such as MTHFR, which is one of the best studied mutation sites. MTHFR is short for Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase, an enzyme in the body that is responsible for helping your body break down and metabolize proteins correctly.

When you eat protein, your digestive processes need enzymes like MTHFR in order to break the protein down into various amino-acids. One of these amino-acids is a rather large one called Methionine, which breaks down into Homocysteine, which can breakdown further into Cysteine and Taurine, which both go on to feed the brain.

The problems in the chronically ill person seems to be be that there are about 40 different ways the MTHFR-enzyme gene is not expressing correctly. This makes the amino-acid called Homocysteine to not be able to convert to Methionine correctly.

As a molecule, Homocysteine is like slivers of glass. Normally your body should instantly convert Homocysteine into Cysteine and Taurine, or go back to Methionine. With MTHFR problems your body cannot get the Homocysteine to convert, and therefore it accumulates in the body.

As you can imagine it is not a good thing to have slivers of glass, even small slivers, streaming through your body. Massive irritation of the tissues happen as the Homocysteine molecules slice their way through your blood vessels and organs.

ALMOST all chronically ill people, whatever the diagnosis, have problems from high Homocysteine. that is most often undetectable with blood tests. The multitude of symptoms that can be set up from this one situation has lead conventional doctors to place people on handfuls of complex vitamin combinations.

Before you go running out to have your genes tested for this problem, remember this...taking vitamins and supplements to respond to the changes caused by this gene mutation is only going to treat the symptoms, which can make you feel better, but will not fix the cause...the epigenetic expression and genetic mutations that are causing the problems.

That is what our doctors are working on...addressing the causes, not just reacting to the downstream symptoms with a lifetime of vitamins and supplements. If you recall from the quote in the third paragraph, there are mechanisms within the healthy human body that are designed to repair these mutations. It is our goal to facilitate these natural repair mechanisms to eliminate these mutations.

Most people would say they enjoyed a very healthy life...until they didn't. That same you is often still in there, we just have to help it come out again!

As you can see, this is a big topic. Stay tuned for more on what we do to help your body correct these MTHFR issues.

The Hansa Center for Optimum Health specializes in the healing philosophy of Biological Medicine to help people with any previously non-responsive, chronic illness. Over 90% of our patients come from other states and countries. If you have done everything you and your doctors know to do and are still struggling please call and talk with Kara, our wonderful and compassionate Patient Care Coordinator, directly by calling 316-686-5900 ext.1, or have a private live chat on our webpage, or you can email her at

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Not having symptoms is not the same as being healthy!

The average American drinks over 50 gallons of pop/soda every year! A 12 oz. can of pop contains 11 teaspoons of white sugar. That is enough sugar to eat over 122 cups of white sugar a year, 10 cups a month! Even more people drink diet drinks every year. Nutrasweet/aspartame is horribly bad for you. (Read Dr. Hyman's excellent article on the topic:

About 90% of the food consumed in the United States is processed food. Processed food is devoid of any true nutritional value and is in fact the dead skeleton of foods that were likely mass grown in soil that is now devoid of vital microbes, minerals, and nutrients. Any supposed nutrients or vitamins in processed food are most often synthetic vitamins, as opposed to food-form vitamins. 

People often come to me an say "I was healthy until this bug bit me!" They cannot understand that they were likely just symptom-free, but they were most definitely not healthy. There is no way to consume this type of diet, virtually from birth, with pop in their baby bottle, and be healthy, even if you were jogging and exercising daily. 

While being symptom-free is the goal of healthy living, the true reward of living a healthy lifestyle and being truly healthy in the long run is to remain disease free to the day you die of old age. Many may oppose this, however consider the person who received yearly physical exams with their doctor and always were told they were "the picture of health" only to find eventually that they have cancer and have had it for 7-10 years before it was found. 

Before you get upset, know that I blame your doctor more than I blame you, although we all play a large part in our own demise by whatever illness by the lifestyle choices we made throughout our entire life. Every doctor could learn better ways to test the body, that can detect problems long before they become serious diseases.

From this cancer-scenario that plays out many hundreds of thousands of times every year, we can see that blood tests are obviously not the best way to determine overall health, especially when year after year your doctor does blood testing and nothing is out of normal. 

When the proverbial "bug bit you" the bacteria and viruses found a very happy home within your body, because your body was not truly healthy.  

In research reported by the Price-Pottinger Foundation, it takes three generations of perfect diet to undo the profound health problems seen in the offspring of one generation of lab animals fed the standard American diet. The weakness and predispositions to illness in you are likely the effect of previous generations in your family, as well as the choices of diet and lifestyle that you have made. 

I hear people say, "But I have been gluten-free, off of sugar, and eating only organic food for two years!" That is all well and good, however the first thirty years you lived on junk. You still use toxic, stinky laundry detergent, toxic fabric softeners, perfumes, paint your rooms with chemically toxic high-VOC paint, you love the new car smell (that is highly toxic)...  If you don't do these things then great, but there are many people who claim to have a healthy lifestyle while poisoning themselves. 

Living healthy does not require a PhD. It is actually the reverse to a PhD. It is simply living a basic life as close to unprocessed in any way as possible, from the foods you eat, to the soaps and personal care products you use, to the products you use and substances you bring into your home. 

A healthy life and diet begins TODAY with you! Make the decision for your own sake and for the sake of your children and their children's children.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wishing you and yours a heart of thankfulness!

I want to wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving. This year when you are around friends and family, I would like to encourage you to remember that it is not how others need to act or change in order for us to remain happy, appreciative, and joyful. Your emotions are under your direct control, in spite of your circumstances. 

The book: "The Coherent Heart," by Rollin McCraty, Ph.D. et. al. reveals the importance of controlling our emotions. It says, "When certain positive emotional states, such as appreciation, compassion, or love, are INTENTIONALLY (my emphasis) maintained, coherent heart rhythm patterns can be sustained for longer periods, which also leads to increased synchronization and entrainment between multiple body systems. By contrast, our research has shown that negative emotions such as frustration, anger, anxiety, and worry lead to heart rhythm patterns that appear incoherent- highly variable and erratic. Overall, this means that there is less synchronization in the reciprocal action of the parasympathetic and sympathetic branches of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). This desychronization in the ANS, if sustained, taxes the nervous system and bodily organs, impeding efficient flow of information (between the body and mind)."  

All of this to say, we all must consciously and purposely choose to truly decide to be thankful, appreciative, compassionate, and walk in love this Thanksgiving...and it will improve the function of every organ, gland, and system of your can choose to feel that you can choose to operate on the negative side and get something other than health to every organ, gland, and system of your body. 

I am thankful for each of you and the ability to share health tidbits with you here. I pray you have only joyful interactions this Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Could this get rid of your pain?

Pain is always caused by an interference in the movement of information/energy through the body. Although doctors can correctly explain pain as a biochemical issue, caused by the release of the neuropeptide called Substance P, recent advances in our understanding of the energetic nature of the human body shows time after time that pain can be relieved often instantly when the blockages of electromagnetic energy are cleared.

This is amazing to see in the treatment room. A young man just came to the Hansa Center with 46 major symptoms, one of which was severe (10 out of 10), splintering, boring pain in all the long bones of his arms and legs that had been constant for over three years. When I determined the correct remedy to address the energetic blockages the pain was, to his amazement, instantly gone! 

The remedy was a homeopathic remedy with no substance in it...just the energy-imprint of a substance. The interesting thing is that the remedy was only needed for the one dose, yet the pain has remained completely gone for over two years now, this after years of narcotic-type pain killers that didn't work.

There was another man who had cut off his thumb in a farming accident years prior, who came to the Hansa Center. The stump of his thumb was so painful that if he accidentally banged it on something, especially if he carelessly put his hand in his pants pocket, the pain would be so bad that he would pass out. Again, one I corrected the bioenergetic regulation of the stump and scar all of the pain was instantly and permanently gone! He mashed on the stump with his other hand, in amazement that there was no pain.

Understanding how the body works energetically and how the body, mind, and spirit must be able the
communicate and function dynamically and coherently is important to have rapid relief and lasting relief. There are so many ways and reasons for a person to have energetic bioregulation and biocommunication problems. Obviously there are times when the tissues have been so damaged that we still cannot correct it, however, hopefully this post gives you a better understanding of the potential for dramatic and often permanent relief now that we understand more about the energetic nature of the body. 

One of the most popular pain ointments in natural medicine is Arnica ointment. Arnica demonstrates a fascinating lesson in the energetic aspect of pain. When we get a bruise, there is a congestion of blood under the skin that interferes with the flow of biophotonic and other electromagnetic energy through the bruised area. Arnica is very high in nano-particle silica. When you rub Arnica ointment on the bruise the silica soaks into the tissue and helps restore the movement of energy through the congestion of the bruise and pain improves.

Pain can be caused by structural, biochemical, mental/emotional/environmental stressors, and bioenergetic problems. Finding and correcting all of the potential blockages is the challenge we face at the Hansa Center for Optimum Health everyday with every person. This is also why it requires multiple visits to problem solve very longstanding and complicated cases. Health and healing often seems to be like a complex combination lock. You might have have all the right numbers but in the wrong order and the lock will not open. 

Pain may not be your lot in life! Let us see if we can help you!

If you have done everything you and your doctor know to do and are still struggling call our wonderful Patient Care Coordinator, Kara to discuss the exciting new treatments we have developed at the Hansa Center for Optimum Health. Visit our website, or call Kara at 316-686-5900 ext 1.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Are you unwittingly sabotaging your body's ability to heal?

The heart is the generator of the body. The heart generates over 5000 times stronger electromagnetic energy than the entire nervous system. When your energy is low, when your brain is foggy, when you take all the right remedies to no effect, very often it is because of low output of your body's generator...the heart. 

The heart is greatly influenced by every aspect of the body, mind, and spirit. When a runner sees everyone is beating him in a race, he often will become even weaker and his endurance will fade. When this happens we say he has, "lost heart." Due to emotions of being beaten his mind knows he must keep going, but his heart output won't let him. It can be the same in prolonged illness. 

When we allow ourselves to get discouraged about our illness, and we let the sun set on our negative state, day after day, a perpetual gloom settles around us like a dark cloud. You might see the heart as a solar battery that is charged by the sunny emotions. 

Our emotional state is our decision within each moment. I have been greatly touched by the example of many of our patients, but one young man sticks out in my memory, a man who is about to get married and is moving on in his life in spite of being in constant pain and in a wheelchair and yet he is incredibly cheerful, loving, and constantly smiles. He is so nice even as he gingerly squirms in his wheelchair as the pain jabs him. 

I asked many of these people how they can be so chipper and bright when they are so sick and they all have said the same thing. They told me they were not always this way. They learned after months or years of depression, resentment, and anger about their condition, that they were not their illness. They realized they are not their physical body. They decided that the "meat suit" they were wearing would not dictate their emotions and spiritual state. They were definitely more than their physical body. 

Once they realized this fact, they defiantly made the decision that if they never got well, and life never went back to normal, they were going to face each moment, each day, each year with the sunnier emotions. 

Our emotional state is ours to choose, within each moment, and within each situation.

Having the right heart for healing can go a long way to helping your body heal its sicknesses. Its not all in your head, but healing does require your head and heart to be in alignment with all things healthy. As you think in your heart, so do you manifest. 

Of course, it is not always as easy as simply making a decision to "be happy", the brain chemistry can need to be addressed, as well as addressing the emotional frequencies directly that are stuck in a loop. Not to mention helping resolve the total illness, which is the ultimate desire of everyone involved, but while you are waiting for resolution, it helps to power up your heart's solar battery with the decision to face life with a sunny attitude.  

There are many different techniques our doctors use at the Hansa Center to help you break the cycle of doom and gloom. In upcoming posts I will go into some of these techniques. 

I will leave you with this light hearted song...


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

One of the most researched and versatile health devices you can buy!

The skin is the largest organ of elimination of waste and toxins. A healthy person's skin eliminates 2.5 pounds of waste acids and toxins per day! 

While studying Biological Medicine, I was impressed to find that some of the world’s most successful Biological Medicine Hospitals and Clinics in Germany, Switzerland, and the U.S. use the infrared saunas for almost all of their patients. 

In our highly toxic world, there is almost no person who would not benefit tremendously from the health promoting effects of this therapy. Infrared saunas work by emitting far infrared energy, which penetrates the body just over four and a half inches! The deep penetration of heat is much cooler, making it more comfortable to sit in, and they are more efficient than traditional steam saunas. 

Infrared is a fascinating technology. Just like visible light is a spectrum of frequencies that we experience as various colors, infrared saunas emit can be tuned to emit a specific frequency. Scientific research has now resulted in saunas that emit a finely tuned infrared energy output that closely matches the body’s own radiant energy. What this means is that almost 93% of the infrared waves are absorbed into the body. 

With this much absorption of the infrared waves, the body heats up, but the air in the sauna remains cooler. The cooler environment of the sauna is much more pleasant to sit in, and the air is not so hot to breathe. 

So many of the chronically ill patients I see know that they should work out and do aerobic exercise as part of living a balanced life; however, the illness they suffer usually prevents them from performing truly meaningful workouts. Many are too sick, too tired, too depressed, too overweight, in too much pain to work out, or working out would cause them to feel even worse. If you are one of these people, I’ve got exciting news for you! 

In 30 minutes of sitting, infrared sauna therapy has been shown to burn up to 250% more calories than spending 30 intense minutes on the best aerobic exercises, rowing machines, and long-distance marathons. It not only burns more calories, but it has also been shown to have many of the same cardiovascular benefits as well! 

The only infrared sauna I have recommended for almost 15 year is the High Tech Health, un-treated poplar wood sauna, and emits virtually no harmful EMF pollution. Other manufacturers use plastic, cedar, hemlock and other materials that in the heat of the sauna can continue to out-gas chemical smells that can cause endocrine system interference, and often emit harmful amounts of EMF pollution. If you have a sauna already and are feeling badly while or after you sit in it, you might just be suffering from the dislodging of toxins in your body, however it could be that you are reacting to the wood or plastic of the sauna, or the emitted EMF. Their are several good EMF detection devices on the internet. Dr. Klinghardt, M.D. has a great page that provides sources for these devices and other possible solutions: These EMF detection devices are fascinating to use and to go around your house testing all the emissions from your computer, tv, and other electrical things like outlets that may be hindering your body's ability to heal.

The High Tech Health sauna is the type of sauna used at the world-renowned, Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland and the one we use at the Hansa Center for Optimum Health

Not everything can be fixed with pills, IV's, and supplements. 


Monday, November 17, 2014

Doing this when you eat dramatically increases your risk of infectious diseases.

One of your first lines of defense against infections is your stomach! 

Very often we dilute our stomach acid by drink copious amounts of liquids while we eat. This dilutes the stomach acid and aggravates our body's ability to digest the food and also the microbes that may be entering our body in those foods. 

One might read my Health tips and say all this about restoring the integrity and functioning of the body all is well and good if you don’t have a “truly dangerous” bacteria involved. Lets look at some compelling research to demonstrate the flaw in this mindset. 

Tests on volunteers revealed that when given Cholera bacteria to swallow it required extremely high concentrations at up to 100 billion cholera bacteria before any one of the volunteers became sick with the cholera disease. Interestingly the amount of cholera bacteria needed to cause disease dropped by half if they neutralized the volunteer’s stomach acid. (Hornick W, et al, Bulletin of the Academy of Medicine, 47 1971 p. 1181)

How do you neutralize stomach acid? By drinking water and other liquids...not to mention using antacids, such as TUMS, Rolaids, other acid blocker type medicines.

So we see here how abnormal changes in the body increase the chance of developing a disease even from a potentially very deadly microbe. Need more convincing? 

Other research has shown that only one out of 100 receptive polio-virus infected individuals will actually come down with polio, the disease! (Joppich G, Lehrbuch der kinderheilkunde, Stuttgart 1975) As you see, the microbe is almost the last determining factor in coming down with a disease. 

Yes, once you do come down with a microbial illness the microbial population does need to be brought down, however ultimately the body must be brought back to optimum integrity usually before anything but remission can be achieved. 

So to summarize, just eating potentially deadly bacteria and viruses and getting them in your body does not mean you will ever come down with a disease from those bacteria, if your body is healthy and maintained well. If you realized just how many different bacteria and viruses you come into contact with throughout the day, without getting sick, you would be amazed how well your body handles most things when it is functioning correctly. 

Maintain your body. Don't just assume that you are healthy just because you don't have symptoms. In the same way that we don't assume we are physically fit just because we can function fairly well in our daily life. We must exercise to keep our body fit. Do the same with your health. Take action to insure every system in your body is tuned to its most optimum levels. By doing this you don't need to worry about infections and disease nearly as much.

By the way, there is an internet craze that suggests that drinking water before a big meal will help you lose weight by filling the stomach with water so when you eat you will get full faster. Read my previous post to see why this is a very bad idea:

If you have done everything you and your doctor know to do and are still struggling call our wonderful Patient Care Coordinator, Kara to discuss the exciting new treatments we have developed at the Hansa Center for Optimum Health. Visit our website, or call Kara at 316-686-5900 ext 1.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

You will have digestion problems if you are making this mistake when eating!

Digesting begins with chewing your food. Food allergies, malnutrition, and gut problems can sometimes be corrected with simple measures.

If you see undigested food in your bowel movement there are several things it indicates. First, food that can be identified in a bowel movement means you need to slow down and chew your food better. Every thing you eat should be chewed to a mush before you swallow.

Chewing well obviously breaks the cellular structure of the food, thereby helping you absorb more of the nutrients in the food. It also gives time for enzymes in your saliva to mix into the food and start breaking the food down even more. Seeing food in the BM always means you didn't chew well. One of the major things see are seeds, beans, carrots, and corn. 

When viewed through a microscope, the cellular structure of vegetables look like tiny capsules. The cellular capsules are made from cellulose. Unfortunately, humans don't have the ability to produce cellulase, the enzyme necessary to breakdown cellulose, which is why we must chew it well in order to get to the nutrients inside the vegetable cells. This is also one of the big selling points to "masticating" juicers, such as the Champion Juicer.

The only other way we can normally get to the nutrients inside the vegetables is to cook them first. 
Cooking breaks down the cellulose to some degree. I come from the south, so vegetables were often cooked for a long time. Steaming is really all that is necessary to help breakdown the cellulose capsules to give your body the nutrients contained inside the cell. 

Other possible reason you would see undigested food in your BM is that you have low amounts of
hydrochloric acid in your stomach. Low HCl can either be a problem in the acid-producing cells in your stomach, in which case you would need the help of your doctor to determine what is going on.

Another reason of low HCl might be as simple as the fact that you are drinking too much water and other drinks during your meal. Drinking during the meal dilutes the stomach acid. Water normally has a pH of 7 while HCl has a pH of 1. The stomach can only dissolve the food you eat if the acid is strong. 

Another problem with poor digesting is what time of day you are eating the most protein. You biggest protein-rich meal of the day should be eaten at mid-day, due to the fact that the stomach acid is highest earlier in the day. If you have low stomach acid you can take products, such as Hypo-D by NutriWest company. There are many good over-the-counter products that contain the same basic ingredients, such as Betaine HCl to increase the HCl levels for those people whose body struggles to make HCl.  

If you have had your gallbladder removed then you will always need to supplement with Ox Bile extract. Bile is a fat emulsifier, meaning it breaks down the fats from your foods into smaller, more usable pieces. The role of the gallbladder is to hold the liquid bile from your liver so that there is enough available when you eat fatty foods and foods rich in essential fatty acids. Without enough bile you cannot access the fatty acids you need for optimum health. This is included with in the Hypo-D remedy and is often available in the HCl formulations in health food stores.

If you are spending a lot for the best quality, hopefully organic food, then it would behoove you to actually be getting the full nutritional benefit when you eat it! So, for better digestion and absorption of the food slow down and chew your food well. Don't drink so much during the meal, and supplement with digestive enzymes and Hypo-D or similar products if your body has sluggish digestion.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bitterness About Natural Medicine

This is an article about contrast and shifting perspective.

I read a comment on Facebook from a gentleman essentially slamming the Hansa Center. He had not been here as a patient, he had only driven by our building, so it puzzled me why such as strong reaction on something he knew next to nothing about. It amazes me when people are so ugly about doctors striving to help facilitate healing using natural methods. It seems like these people think the doctors are all charlatans and snake oil salesmen, and of course there are some bad ones out there on both sides, medical and natural.

When I think about the philosophical differences of mainstream pharmaceutical versus natural methods, the two are extreme polar opposites of each other. These extremes in treatment philosophy must create the polarization of opinions.

So while I am contrasting mainstream medicine and natural medicine I want it to be clear that both systems can coexist without malice.

By mainstream medicine's own admission, 88% or more of pharmaceuticals treat only the symptoms, which supports their primary goal, the suppression of symptoms. If you have knee pain, they will have you take a painkiller. If the knee is swollen, you are given an anti-inflammatory shot like prednisone. If you have seizures you are given anti-seizure medicine. If you have mood problems then you are given mood-enhancing drugs. If you have cancer, or any other chronic illness you are automatically given the cookbook recipe of pharmaceuticals that best suppress the symptoms, with very little thought by the doctor for seeking out in each person, the unique problems that are actually causing the illness. The period of time that the drugs suppress the symptoms is called remission. Remission is temporary, since the cause of the symptom remains, and the effect of the medicine wears off.

Contrast that to doctors using natural healing philosophy, who are highly trained in post-graduate studies to work to restore the functional integrity of every tissue and system in the body, through natural means, who use the same lab tests, MRIs, and special tests, but in the end work to correct the functional issues causing the illness. Not just with vitamins and nutraceuticals, but with their hands, and with numerous techniques and therapies that are designed to work synergistically with the ultimate goal of facilitating the restoration of what is optimum in the functioning of the body. If the doctor is successful then the symptoms are not suppressed so it is not "remission." The cause has been resolved and the symptoms should not return.

When a doctor doesn't have symptom-masking drugs to fall back on, it forces them to look deeper, to truly take each individual case as a unique situation, and seek to find the root causes of the symptoms. The ideal doctor is not one who specializes in diseases, but one who understands disease processes, inside and out, yet specializes in restoring what is optimum so that the functional integrity of body can be restored, leading to a restoration of health.

There is another huge contrast these people bring up almost in the same breath, and that is to proclaim natural medicine to be outrageously expensive. I wonder if they truly ever had to pay cash for their mainstream medical care. One night in a hospital, "for observation only", meaning essentially someone will check your vital signs two times in the night, will cost around $6000. I know, since I had to pay it for "observation" with a family member. When I contrast this with the huge amount of functional, restorative work one can get done in natural medicine for $6000, it is appalling to me that people, such as the gentleman I mentioned earlier, think we are expensive. In 20 years of practice I have heard from thousands of our patients that they had often already spent over $100,000 out of their own pocket, above and beyond what their health insurance paid, in failed mainstream medical testing and treatment.

The Hansa Center for Optimum Health is unique in that we don't specialize in treating named diseases. We specialize in applying the best of science we can find, to help restore the functional integrity of the entire body. Almost 100% of our patients have chronic, previously non-responsive symptoms from every type of illness, and they have already run the full gamut of mainstream medicine with minimal improvement.

There is often nothing left for these people in the mainstream or pharmaceutical realm. They have been told everything from "It is all in your head" to "You are stuck with this illness and there is nothing anyone can do for you, go live your life the best you can."  If this were your beloved wife, daughter, son, father, aunt, or best friend, and you had to watch them struggle 24/7 and you sat with them and cried with them, and then were told they were just "making it up" would you agree that the best thing is to surrender to the illness, or watch while new symptoms arise just from the symptom-masking drugs?

Even for those who might be reading this and say, "I am so much better thanks to pharmaceuticals," I would say great, you might be the 12% of people whose pharmaceuticals were treating the cause of the illness and not just the symptoms. If you are "better" but having to take a drug to keep that going, it is only covering up the symptom, then you will have to "pay the piper" eventually when the drug quits working. Underneath the drug, the cause of the symptom is likely worsening.

We would not be busy if we did not help the vast majority of these people. Word of mouth is our best "advertising" for the last 20 years. I am not saying we are the end all of end alls, nor am I saying that can we completely restore everyone. It comes down to contrast. How do you want to be treated? The contrast is, do you go to a doctor whose job is the easy task of masking the symptoms, so he tells you that, "No one knows what is causing your illness, so be happy for the drug I'm giving you," or should you go to a doctor who will work very hard to dig down to figure out all that has gone wrong, and will work to use only the most effective, natural ways to help restore everything that has gone wrong in the structure and function of the entire body?

When it comes to covering the cost of doing business, we are not like many mainstream doctors and hospitals that rely on networks of referring doctors and promise of insurance companies paying the bulk of the bill.

Essentially many people always want the best facilities, the best trained doctors, the best healing therapies, but if they have to pay for anything out of pocket, it is highway robbery, and the opinion is often that doctor is "taking advantage of sick people." I would readily accept insurance coverage for our care if the insurance companies would actually pay us as they were contracted to do. Unfortunately, the insurance system is primarily set up for the mainstream model of medicine. Insurance will not pay us in a manner that allows us to afford even the basic overhead.

I know I am not going to change the minds of many of the people who viciously despise natural medicine. I want to just provide a little maybe blunt the poison darts they throw out there on social media. Share