Sunday, September 28, 2014

One Bogus Diagnosis After Another!

The middle-aged lady was well dressed and in tears of fear as she handed me an open letter from her medical doctor to whatever doctor took on her case. As I read the letter I became disgusted. The letter basically said good luck to anyone who could fix her “Unilateral Cephalgia.”

The tear streaked face of the lady was pitiful as she said, as if I didn’t understand the letter, that she had an incurable disease called Unilateral Cephalgia.

I was disgusted, because all her M.D. did was translate into Latin what she told the doctor was her primary symptom…pain on one side of her head! It was not a disease, although to her it sounded like a death sentence!

I don't know about you, but I am sick of hearing that the best that doctors can do is either turn what you told them into Latin, or come up with some bogus, good-for-nothing diagnosis!

Another example, not long ago a young lady contacted me with the symptoms of atrophy (shrinking) of the of her gluteus maximus and medius muscles (Her buttock muscles), and she had been having severe pain in the hip joint, and since the muscles couldn't hold her hip bones in place the joint was popping and wouldn't hold her up when she walked.

She went to several "big-name", highly-recommended medical doctors, and a couple of natural docs...I kid you not, the best diagnosis they could come up with was to proclaim that she had "External Popping Hip Syndrome!"   SERIOUSLY???

When I heard that I told her, in jest, that I just so happen to be the world leader in the treatment of LFADS...Lateral Femoro-Acetabular Dissassociative Syndrome!" Of course I just made that is no more a real diagnosis than the bogus Hip Popping Syndrome. Basically I just said the same thing in Latin.

A few weeks ago, she came to the Hansa Center and left pain-free and after a month reports that the muscles are coming back and filling in the crater where it had been atrophied.

Then there is the more prevalent bogus diagnosis I am hearing more and more, especially in young women...Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), another good-for-nothing diagnosis. Basically medicine cannot figure out what is wrong in these people so since the people have unrelenting pain in one area of their body they call it CRPS.

I just this week saw an amazing case of this in a 16 year old girl whose legs to her feet have hurt extremely bad for two years to the point that she could barely walk at times and she has lost two years of athletics and school activities.

The recommended conventional medical treatments were just as put this person through so much pain that the intense severity of the pain would eventually "blow the pain circuits in the body," supposedly resulting in not being able to feel the pain afterwards!

What a freaking disrespect of the wisdom of the body. Pain is your body's way of letting you know something is wrong. We did our CRT and BRS testing and started treatment to restore what was going on throughout the body (not just treating the legs) and after a one hour treatment it was completely gone and has remained gone without any painkillers...just by facilitating the restoration of all of the body and resetting the organ circuits.

Of note, she also had unrelenting 24/7 nausea and abdominal pain, which were also completely gone after standing up off the treatment table after the one hour treatment. No matter what we call any collection of symptoms it always comes down to how are you going to find and correct it's causes!

Usually "syndromes" such as these two examples have multiple causes and are the result of many issues accumulating until that "last straw that breaks the camel's back."

Can we do this for every case, no, however we get it often enough that all of our doctors work with the expectation that each treatment visit will potentially touch the primary causes of the symptoms that dramatic improvement might be seen each day of your two week visit.

The reality is still that although this young lady has no more symptoms she is still not optimally healthy yet, so she is completing her two-weeks of care at the Hansa Center.

True healing, whether it is virtually instantaneous, such as this lady, or whether it is a more prolonged improvement that moves very slowly, requires finding and correcting EVERYTHING that is interfering with the body's own ability to heal.

All efforts must be in providing the body with the building blocks, structural, chemical, stress, and bio-energetic corrections, and information, in the form of correcting the body's epigenetic, "software" glitches, and then keeping the body functioning for a long enough period that it can maintain itself without having to take anything.

I implore you to not submit or settle for a bogus diagnosis, or submit to barbaric torture treatments, no matter how high and mighty the doctor's medical credentials.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

This May Be Why You Haven't Gotten Well...Yet!

Does it seem like your healing is taking FOREVER? You lie in bed and wonder if your treatments are even working. Does your doctor really know what they are doing? You wonder if you should find a new doctor, but the thought of starting over is overwhelming. You just want to get back to normal life that is becoming more and more a distant memory...

Unfortunately I cannot answer all of these questions for each of you. I don't even have all the answers to everyone's illness. What I can do is teach you some of the realities of what it takes to heal. Such is this article.

Did you know that if you accidentally cut off the end of your finger anywhere beyond the last knuckle that your body would completely regenerate it perfectly as long as your doctor doesn't sew the skin closed at the end?

You have a brand new stomach lining every 4 days, new skin every 30 days, a new liver in 6 weeks, even the skeleton is replaced every three months.

Your hair grows half an inch a month, and adult fingernails grow one-tenth of an inch a month.

The regeneration of human nerve cells, is the slowest tissue to naturally heal. This natural regeneration of your body is greatly influenced by your overall health.

Natural repair/regeneration is most obvious that when you get a simple problem like a blister. It will take four weeks for the skin to completely heal to the point that you cannot see where the blister was.

Obviously it will take longer than four weeks if you pick at the scab, if it gets infected, or you are nutritionally depleted in your body.

It is the proverbial "salt in the cut" when disease has injured the tissues of virtually every system in the body. In chronic illness, the damage causes the entire body to be overly sensitive to things, like smells, tastes, EMF pollution, temperature changes, remedies/medicines...

We are in such a "quick-fix" society that it seems many people are very impatient when their illness is taking so long to heal. Very often a person will give their doctor two weeks or even two months to make significant change in their illness. If they don't feel dramatically better, they will often write the doctor or the system of care off as being no good. 
Significant change can often be seen in two weeks of care, however the body is dynamic, constantly changing, which means the carefully selected remedies your are taking must be adjusted periodically.

The person you were yesterday no longer exists. As a matter of fact, the remedies/supplements that previously caused you problems when you took them, may actually be needed and well tolerated after body shifts from treatments.

Especially in the chronic illnesses, the idea that you can just get on a selection of remedies and take them for a year or more and eventually be well, is usually misguided.

At the Hansa Center we find that when the remedies are addressing your issues at the direct cause, then the remedies do what they are going to do rather quickly, and you should change the remedy to address whatever issues are remaining.

If you have been sick for a long time, it is likely that almost every tissue and every system of your body is impaired in its ability to regenerate and heal. Your hair virtually stops growing, your skin gets thinner as it cannot regenerate as fast as its skin cells are flaking off... So this is why every system and every issue must be addressed during every office visit with your doctor.

Do not accept the idea that "If my doctor can just kill all of these bacteria, then I will be well." You will be well when every system and issue has been restored to optimum health, and that health maintained long enough for your body to be able to replace all the dysfunctional cells with healthy ones.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Part 3 Recovering your Strength and Health During and After Chronic Illness

If all of the organs of your body got all of the energy all of the time there would not be enough energy to go around. Each organ has its time during the day when it gets the most energy.

Based upon this organ circuit clock we can see that the bio-rhythms of the body can get very messed up. The whole clock can be altered due to illness, jet-lag, and switching work shifts from day to night.

Many people tell me their symptoms get worse at a certain time of day. This is a great clue to a doctor who knows the organ clock. If the symptoms are worse at night between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. then the doctor knows that the liver is a good place to look for the source of that problem, since the liver is most active at that time.

Notice that the bladder and kidney circuits should be essentially "turned off" at night, since they have their turn of highest energy between 3 p.m.-7 p.m. So for all of you who urinate all night, yet justify it by the fact that you drink a lot of water, your clock is likely messed up.

It is interesting that your bowels should eliminate right when you wake up to start the day "fresh". Also interesting is that the heart's time of highest energy is between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Lunch time is when most heart attacks occur, due to the most strain being put on the heart at that time frame.

All this is just to show how beautifully we are made, and how just killing bacteria, detoxing, taking supplements, exercising, and eating well is not all that is needed to heal.

So...not only does it take time to heal, but we must also heal our organ time zones!

Your body clock:
5-7 a.m. — Large Intestine
7-9 a.m. — Stomach
9-11 a.m. — Pancreas
11 a.m.-1 p.m. — Heart
1-3 p.m. — Small Intestine
3-5 p.m. — Bladder
5-7 p.m. — Kidney
7-9 p.m. — Reproductive system
9-11 p.m. — Thyroid, adrenal glands
11 p.m.- 1 a.m. — Gall Bladder
1-3 a.m. — Liver
3-5 a.m. — Lung